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Veho MUVI Chest Harness Mount



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MUVI™ Chest Harness mount for MUVI™ and MUVI™ HD, Inc Tripod mount

Veho VCC-A016-HSM MUVI™ Chest Harness for MUVI™ HD with MUVI™ HD Holder and Tripod Mount

The MUVI™ Chest harness allows you to mount the MUVI™ HD either with or without the MUVI™ HD Waterproof case with either a forward view or upward facial view. Ships with MUVI™ HD holder and tripod mount and is compatible with MUVI™ Micro and MUVI™ Atom (Appropriate WPC of Handlebar mount required)

Key Features:

- Fully adjustable body/chest harness for mounting MUVI HD
- Includes MUVI HD holder & tripod mount
- Fully adjustable viewing angle
- Compatible with MUVI HD Range and MUVI Micro (Handlebar Mount Required)

Box Contains:

- Harness
- MUVI™ HD holder
- Tripod Mount


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Veho MUVI Chest Harness Mount

Veho MUVI Chest Harness Mount

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